Friday, June 10, 2011

The Queen's Leading Man

Buck's Fizz returns with a birthday tribute to His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and as of today, Lord High Admiral.

The Duke, is 90 years old today and among the celebrations there seems to be more than the usual well-timed attentions - articles, interviews, books. There seems to be a renewed groundswell of genuine respect and admiration for a man who has lived a life of duty and now epitomizes graceful aging.

Look of love: At the Royal Wedding all eyes were on the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh who met as children in the 1930s

"If William and Kate symbolise youth and love, then Prince Philip is an advertisement for growing old gracefully. Women have always been drawn to him, as the Queen was, and not just for his flirtatious nature but also for his wit, intelligence and alpha-male attitude to life."

He has had and continues to have an amazing life and despite criticisms should be underestimated at your own peril. He is a man of robust energy, intelligence, wit, and does not suffer fools - why on earth should he?

Someone once said to me, that real men are a handful, but worth it because they are strong, steady, and rare. Of the many things that have been said about HRH, there is more to admire than there is to criticize - best of all, in my opinion - aside from glorious health - is that he doesn't seem to be a man with any patience for nonsense. And he is a real man, still, at 90 years of age, with no sign of stopping. God bless the Duke of Edinburgh. Long life, good health, love, and joy on your birthday, and always.

Read more from the Daily Mail here and here.


  1. hi Kim there was a great hour long progrmme about him last night which was very good and another programme today - he was working all day plus the trouping tomorrow and a host of other things ,not too many 90 year olds with that kind of dedication or stamina . They are a great and devoted couple hope all well with you fay x

  2. Great post Kim! What a lovely tribute.

  3. Hi Kim love the picture of him with the gate ! amazing. Glad you enjoyed "the book" im so glad that now its printed , there have been big hints for a long time . To show the Queen and family enjoying the everyday life I think is really lovely .yes more people should know. Yesterday was all hats and bearskins and it was a fabulous day for all of the family to be continued with a VERY busy week too ! Lots of love Fayxxps I SO miss going to those events but ill go to the Diamond jubilee next year ! Enjoy Sunday