Thursday, May 19, 2011


Day three of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's visit to Ireland began with, I am sure, a highly anticipated visit to the National Stud at Kildare followed by a private visit to Coolmore - the world-renowned international thoroughbred racehorse stud in Tipperary.
Unflinching: While others instinctively took a step back from the horse as it reared up on its hind legs, the Queen was unfazed - most likely due to her familiarity with the animals
The Daily Mail has excellent coverage of the visit and I especially noticed one section in particular: 
The monarch's familiarity with horses was revealed at one point when a nervous thoroughbred reared up on its hind legs when paraded in front of its stables. Some of the entourage standing near her instinctively moved back but she did not flinch and the stallion was soon brought under control.

Oh no, she does not flinch, our beloved Monarch and I believe it is due to more than a knowledge of horses. At age 85, HM continues to demonstrate the exceptional poise and resolve that have, in part, defined her life and reign. She is one of the most remarkable people that has ever been and I am thrilled the State Visit to Ireland is going well both for her and for the Irish people. I hope and pray all continues as smoothly.

Meeting royalty: Emma Osbourne presents Queen Elizabeth II with a bouquet of flowers

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  1. hi Kim it ws great trip wasnt it and this picture is so lovely all the ones of HM laughing are really lovely too in the GREENS love fay xx