Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nothing Left to Chance

Up to a thousand members of the military carried out a pre-dawn royal wedding dress rehearsal early this morning. The full-scale walk-through in preparation for Friday's big day involved the army, navy and RAF. So nothing was left to chance with the dry run in which timings were tested to the second and all armed forces taking part got the chance to practice their role in their service uniforms.
The day began very early – about 2am for those involved. Forces left Westminster's Wellington Barracks shortly before 5am to begin their way along the route. Some of the soldiers, sailors and airmen practicing their duties were Prince William's colleagues.First to arrive at the abbey were two of the royal fleet cars – Rolls-Royces - which arrived at about 4.50am. Shortly after 5am the action began.
 Here comes the bride: The Royal Rolls-Royce that will carry Kate Middleton and her father is seen with police escort as it arrives at Westminster Abbey .A Naval officer waits outside Westminster Abbey during the military dress rehearsalA mounted officer waits outside Westminster Abbey Practise hard, marry easy: A carriage followed by a cavalry soldier leaves Westminster Abbey To the Palace: A sergeant major looks on as three mounted officers make their way towards Buckingham Palace
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  1. exciting or what Kim !! ENJOY fay xx

  2. Hi Kim thanx for visiting glad you will be having a celebration Im going as a guest of the British consul to The British institute for a screening on a giant screen in the Harold Acton Library then lunch then ill zip back home and watch iy all again I sat outside St Pauls all night at Charles and Dianas which was wonderful Im sure well all enjoy Fay xxx

  3. Hi Kim yes I watch Tom all the time i hope that he has stilts cos there will be ROWS of soldiers infront of him I went to Andrew and Fergies outside ! the Abbey and got up high on a (next to Roger Moore!! ) on huge wooden construction,Just been emailing a friend who is a guest and he and his wife are suitably excited cant wait to hear all the inside stories it WILL be wonderful Fay xx

  4. oooooooooooh Kimm hhhhooow exciting sounds LOVELY I think that she will wear her hair down ! its a May tree bower in the abbey ! i will be surprised if she wears a tiara the Queen aquarmarine ??? Cant wait to findout !! teee heeee lots of lve fayx will i sleep !!!!