Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still the Biggest Star

While P-Middy may be the girl of the moment, fashionista Hilary Alexander reminds us that Her Majesty Elizabeth II is more than simply Queen of the Realm. She is, at age 85, still setting fashion trends.

"Launer London has seen a 60 per cent increase in sales of more traditional styles since The Queen arrived at Westminster Abbey carrying a cream leather handbag hand-made by the luxury heritage brand and royal warrant holder... The Royal Wedding, the handbag's first public appearance, has generated a wave of must-have envy amongst younger customers. In sharp contrast to Launer's appeal amongst the 50-plus establishment; 20 per cent of the sales increase has been caused by stylish women in the 35-50 age bracket."

We hope Pippa's increased celebrity doesn't turn her pretty head and offer this gentle reminder, the brightest and longest-burning stars shine from within. 

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  1. Hi Kim yes shes looks great doesnt she !!

    glad to be back after a weeks lock out by google what a pain it is I wish they would leave Phillipa alone ! now they have followed her to Madrid plus her girl friends
    just been distracted by Mussolini and gelato !! then the fone rang ! just listening to the wonderful Sir Ian Mckellen his voice is truly wonderful reading Wordsworth enjoy sunday Love Fay xxx thenx for you visit too x