Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tough Love

There's an article in the Daily Mail about how Prince Andrew's daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have been stripped of their round-the-clock protection detail. Following so soon after their appearance at their cousin's wedding, one is tempted to think this move might have something to do with their, how shall I put it, fashion faux pas. After all, Her Majesty has also made it clear the girls will not be joining their father on the Civil List and will have to pursue their own careers. Is concern for the maturity and quality of their judgement at the root of the the Queen's decision?

Whether HM has made her decision based on the girls' and/or their parents' sometimes questionable choices, it is my hope that they will grow into women that realize that their grandmother did them the greatest of favours. If they're not sure, they can look to their cousin Zara, a successful, high profile member of the equestrian sports world and, despite her lineage, neither HRH nor Princess. While they're at it, they might also look to her for a little fashion advice before the next big family wedding, this July.

Furious: Prince Andrew is said to have fought to keep the protection officers as he feels they are different to other minor Royals because of their HRH status

Horror: Zara Phillips's horse begins to fall after jumping the fence
The crowd gasp in horror as Miss Phillips is flung into the air from her falling horse

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  1. Hi Kim its sad that they dont APPEAR to be getting the best examples from their parents and in the long term yes I think its doing them a favour Its going to be another embaressment for them but lets hope its the making of them and their education goes well
    fay xx