Monday, February 14, 2011

A Busy Valentine's Monday

First, there's the official release issued by the Prince of Wales' media centre with an update on Maid of Honour, Pippa Middleton, and Bridesmaids, Best Man, Prince Harry, and Page Boys. Well, it's good to have it confirmed but was there ever any doubt that Will and Kate would want anyone else by their sides on their wedding day? Both bride and groom are very close with their younger siblings - a good thing for both.


Then there's an interesting item about the Duchess of Cornwall and whether or not she will or would even want to be Queen when Charles is King. On the heels of two stories involving Camilla last week, one regarding her performance on The Archers and the other about a very public lunch with Kate at Koffman's, this coverage has my former PR lady antennae tingling. 

Of course, it is not unwise nor inappropriate to present the Duchess in a positive light - she has behaved very dutifully since her marriage and, most importantly, her husband seems very happy and contented. If these stories are, as they appear to me to be, trial balloons in the campaign to advance Camilla's progress to the throne - beware. While a royal wedding between two lovely and decent young people may put most royal watchers in good spirits, it will take very careful, very tender stepping not to tread on the memory of the groom's beloved mother. 

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