Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Condolences for New Zealand

A message from The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall to The Prime Minister of New Zealand and The Governor-General of New Zealand

22nd February 2011
My wife and I were horrified when we heard the news early this morning of a second major earthquake to hit an already damaged Christchurch. The scale of the destruction all but defies belief when we can appreciate only too well how difficult it must have been struggling to come to terms with last year’s horror.
At such a terrible time I realize that these words count for very little, but I did so want you to know immediately just how much we feel for all the families and friends of those who have so tragically lost their lives or are still missing. Our deepest sympathy and constant thoughts are with you and all New Zealanders at such an agonizing time for the whole country.

The following message was sent by The Queen to New Zealand Prime Minister John Key:

I have been utterly shocked by the news of another earthquake in
Christchurch. Please convey my deep sympathy to the families and
friends of those who have been killed; my thoughts are with all those who
have been affected by this dreadful event. My thoughts are also with the
emergency services and everyone who is assisting in the rescue efforts.


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