Sunday, February 20, 2011

We're All Invited

Even though there may not be a gold embossed invitation in the mail,

Busy lady: A member of the Lord Chamberlain's Office inserts Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding invitations into envelopes at Buckingham Palace

we will all be able to share in the happiness and optimism that a royal wedding inspires. It's a good thing too, since Philip Treacy, hat maker extraordinaire, will be very busy making "headgear" for the wedding party from now until the big day.

"The Royal bride – who is keeping her dress a state secret – is a big fan of Treacy and wore a broad-rimmed hat of his to Prince William’s passing-out parade at Sandhurst in 2006. Kate, 29, recently met Treacy after the Duchess of Cornwall recommended his designs for the senior members of the wedding party, including mother-of-the-bride Carole."

Apparently, Kate wants Treacy to help her look fabulous in the evening on her big day too - this from a young woman who would look spectacular in a flour sack.

On other fronts, Pippa Middleton has been in the news lately, although, thank goodness, she too has enough poise and common sense to behave well and attract column inches simply as part of general interest in the up-coming nuptials.

Sister act: Pippa (right) is thought to be more outgoing than sibling and Kate but, for the moment, is living for her sister

The hard-working Middletons seem to have just the right combination of good genes and good sense. I've commented before that I think Kate seems to have exactly the right sense of decency and appropriateness needed both for success in married life and her new job in The Firm.

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  1. Oh my! Such grand stuff. However, lets liven things up and see what the Prince Harry has in mind for the Big Event. I think a columnists from the "colonies: is right: