Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From Boys to Men

I remember very well the day the Prince and Princess of Wales presented their new baby, William to the world.

He was a darling baby and his handsome parents were clearly, very proud.

Then came baby Harry.

They were a beautiful young family.

I have to say, as much as I loved to see how loving and affectionate Diana was with her boys...

it has also been lovely to see the deep affection between father and sons - especially after their tragic loss.

I've been thinking about pictures of these boys since the recent announcement that a Fergus Greer photograph taken before the 2007 concert commemorating their mother has been accessioned by London's  National Portrait Gallery.

My favorite image of these young men is Nicky Philipps' stunning portrait, set in Clarence House.

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  1. Those early days though, were when I remember the royal family registering on my childhood radar. I remember getting up early to watch Lady Diana marry Prince Charles. And then they had two sons! Adorable sons (with magnificent noses). I read many a Good Housekeeping with little tidbits about Princess Di. Those will always be the days I think of with the royal family. But I do hope the optimism we are afforded with the marriage of Wills and Kate will carry through to a royal family free of major tragedy and full of long, happy years.